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PD Opportunities

The Texas Success Initiative Professional Development Program

Professional Development for Teaching and Learning: Opportunities for Faculty in Developmental and Adult Education

On our website you will find current listings and information on face-to-face and online workshop offerings on various topics related to teaching adult learners. These workshops are ideal for developmental education faculty and staff as well as all who teach and work with adult learners. We invite you to make use of the information contained here. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us at The Education Institute.

Dream Catchers: Helping to Meet 60x30TX Goals

In recent years, with support from the Texas Legislature, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) has funded various developmental education initiatives to help Texas public institutions of higher education provide more effective programs and services that identify student populations better served by particular accelerated strategies. To support these initiatives, in Spring, 2017, The Texas Success Initiative Professional Development Project and THECB provided an institute on acceleration strategies. This video was developed as an extension of one of the breakout sessions provided at the institute by Dream Catchers on integrating reading and writing.

The Dream Catchers program addresses the objectives of the Texas 60x30TX Higher Education Strategic plan. The model includes an accelerated integrated reading and writing course which can be modified to meet the needs of a variety of student populations. Currently, in order to meet the new legislatively-mandated requirements for Texas institutions of higher education, the Dream Catcher program is making adjustments to the model by adding corequisite options.

To watch the Dream Catchers: Helping to Meet 60x30TX Goals video, please click here.  A transcript of the video can be downloaded by clicking here.

The Corequisite Conference

July 6-7, 2017

Austin Community College - Eastview Campus
Austin, Texas 78702

The purpose of this professional development opportunity was to provide guidance to institutions on developing, implementing, and scaling corequisite courses. Conference breakout sessions discuss team teaching, linking developmental education to adult education, course pairings, how to use data to come up with solutions, developing math corequisite courses, and other topics. Click on the title below to download the powerpoint for the presentation.

Sponsored by The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, The Texas Success Initiative Professional Development Program, and Austin Community College.


The Acceleration Institute

Acc Inst

The goal of the institute was to provide technical assistance and professional development on various acceleration strategies such as mainstreaming/co-requisite, NCBOs, IRW, holistic advising, and contextualization models. Additional sessions provided included a panel discussion by experts in the Developmental Education field and working with students with learning disabilities. Please click on the following links to access the videos and resources from the institute (additional resources from the institute will be added as obtained):

Title Presenters Institution

Non-Course Based Options at UTEP

Dr. Denise Lujan

The University of Texas at El Paso

Contextualizing Intermediate Algebra into General Education Math Courses

Dr. Garry A. Sigler & Shelley K. Parks

Texas State Technical College at Waco

Puente and INRW: Developmental Education and Cultural Relevancy


Dolores Zapata & Esmeralda Macias

Palo Alto College & South Texas College

Intentional Holistic Advising & Placement


Dr. Rebecca Goosen, Deborah Smith & Emily Savino

San Jacinto College

Leveling the Playing Field in Freshman Composition: A Co-requisite IRW Course for Under-prepared Students


Rebekah Johnson, Karen Dulweber & Karen Johnson

Kilgore College

Accelerating Access and Support for Students with Disabilities

Dr. Russ Hodges & Dr. Clint-Michael Reneau

Texas State University

The Future of Developmental Education: A Panel Discussion


Dr. Susan Bickerstaff, Columbia University & Community College Research Center

Robin Ozz, Phoenix College & President of National Association for Developmental Education

Dr. Patrick Saxon, Sam Houston State University

Dr. Jeanine Williams, University of Maryland University College


Communicating Data

Jenna Cullinane Hege

Melissa Humphries

Kathy Zarate


TSI and DE Legislative Updates


Dr. Suzanne Morales-Vale, Director

Division of College Readiness and Success

Developmental and Adult Education




Training of Trainers (TOT):

Instructionally Appropriate Technology Integration

These individuals successfully completed the Integrating Technology into the DE classroom training and are now certified to provide training in a face-to-face format versus the online module format provided above. If you are interested in providing professional development for your developmental education instructors on this topic, please contact TSI- PD to request training at your location.

TOT Trainers: Essie Childers, Debbie Gilmore, Patricia Hernandez, Lisa Jones, Clarena Larrotta, Maggie Miller, Matilda Staudt and Luann Walker