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Professional Development Activity Form

Integrating Goal Setting in the Developmental Education Classroom

This professional development activity is intended to help instructors reflect on their current teaching practices. This specific professional development activity is to help instructors understand how to effectively apply goal setting activities and strategies in their classrooms. The process of completing this professional development activity cannot be completed in one day. Please allow for a sufficient amount of time to complete each task.

Step 1: Complete the Registration form.

Step 2: Locate a video or article that addresses goal setting, self-regulation, or another similar topic. These videos and articles do not have to be academic, scholarly sources. Keep in mind that you will be asked to apply the selected goal setting activity or strategy in your classroom. Provided below are examples of sources that would be fitting for this task. We encourage instructors to seek applicable videos and articles via the Texas Developmental Education Professional Community Online (Texas DEPCO) social media platforms. Feel free to use our examples in your classroom, or find your own goal setting activities via the internet and social media.

Goal Setting Resources

Goal Setting Video

Example Article: "The Writing Assignment that Changes Lives"

Smart Goals: SMART Goals

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Step 3: Attached is a worksheet that will help you apply the goal setting activity you researched in Step 2. With the source you selected from Step 2 in mind, as well as your own courses and teaching style, complete the following worksheet.  Goal Setting Worksheet Word Format

Step 4: Complete the Reflection Form. Word Doc of Reflection

Step 5: Complete the Evaluation Rubric. Rubric in Word Format

Step 6: Send all materials (make sure your name is on all of them) via email to TSI-PD ( This includes the Goal Setting Worksheet, Reflection Form, and any “teaching artifacts” like links to websites, worksheets, and/or student work that is applicable to the goal setting activity you selected. Please remove students' names from any submitted artifacts. 

Step 7: This step is optional. We encourage participants to share what they learned through this professional development activity with fellow Developmental Education Practitioners. Please share any insights you gained in regard to goal setting and self-regulation on any of our social media platforms.

Twitter: Texas DEPCO Twitter

Facebook: Texas DEPCO Facebook




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