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Professional Development Activity Form

Topic: Instructionally Appropriate Technology Integration

This professional development activity is intended to help instructors reflect on their current teaching practices. To help foster self-reflection, the activity will refer to educational technology. The process of completing this professional development activity cannot be completed in one day. Please allow for a sufficient amount of time to complete each task. Finally, once you have completed all of the steps on this page, please fill out the Professional Development Reflection Form to earn the professional development credit.

Step 1: Complete the Registration Form

Step 2: Watch the following video on Integrating Technology in the DE Classroom. Next, read the Instructionally Appropriate Technology Integration (IATI) Framework chart and Resource Sheet.

Step 3: Attached is an Integrating Technology worksheet. With the video and chart from Step 1 in mind, as well as your own courses and teaching style, complete the Integrating Technology worksheet: Integrating Technology Worksheet

Step 4: Apply one of the Digital Technology Tools to a course you are teaching.

Step 5: After you implemented one of the digital technology tools to your courses, reflect on how well the goal worked in practice. What aspects of this new technology component were successful? What aspects of your new technology component need to be revised to better suit you and your students? We encourage participants to share what they learned through this professional development activity with fellow Developmental Education Practitioners. Please share any insights you gained in regard to integrating technology into the developmental education classroom on any of the Texas Developmental Education Professional Community Online (Texas DEPCO) social media platforms (see links below). Note: Posting your insights on social media is optional, you will also have an opportunity to reflect on this professional development activity on the official Reflection Form.

Twitter: Texas DEPCO Twitter

Facebook: Texas DEPCO Facebook


Step 7: Complete this Professional Development Reflection Form (refer to the Rubric and the Worksheet for guidance in completing this form)

Step 8: Complete this link: Evaluation Form.

Step 9: Send all materials (make sure your name is on all of them) via email to TSI-PD (


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