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About Us

The Project GREAT Adult Education Regional Centers of Excellence are Texas LEARNS' answer to the professional development needs of adult education practitioners in Texas.

Eight Project GREAT Centers are funded as federal State Leadership activities by the Texas Education Agency and Texas LEARNS, one in each of eight service regions in the state. The centers are managed by the regional grantees, in collaboration with Texas LEARNS  Texas Education Agency (TEA), and the region's adult education directors.

The goals of the Central Region GREAT Center are to:Central GREAT (Getting Results Educating Adults in Texas) Logo

  • Establish a flexible, needs-based, learner-centered system of professional development for adult literacy teachers in the Central Region.
  • In collaboration with adult literacy teachers, establish a menu of professional development opportunities that permit - and even encourage - teachers to develop professionally in a variety of ways.
  • Investigate and pilot new technology-based methods of communication that can be used to facilitate professional development at a distance.
  • Promote understanding of the Adult Literacy Teachers' Credential Model among teachers in the Central Region and, for teachers who decide to pursue it, facilitate the process of earning the credential.
  • Upon request, identify and provide professional development for directors and other administrators in areas of instructional leadership.
  • And, of course, collaborate with other GREAT Centers and with Texas LEARNS regarding the delivery of statewide initiatives.

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