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Program Administration

Texas coordinators of Even Start Family Literacy Programs are excellent leaders and multi-taskers. Not only are they responsible for guiding staff as they offer quality instruction for both adults and children, but they also must assure program integration; coordination and collaboration with partner agencies and programs; and fiscal viability. Although it is not reasonable to think that Even Start Coordinators be experts in each component, it is ideal that they are well versed in the underlying principles of family literacy.

The National Center for Family Literacy (NCFL) in its training guide, Program Administration in Family Literacy: Even Start, outlines the importance of developing an action plan for program management. NCFL poses the following questions to assist coordinators in developing this action plan. How will our program:
  • Addresses all 15 program elements as required by law?
  • Meet the federal expectations for intensity and duration, and integration of all four components?
  • Prepare for the next state evaluation and meet or exceed state performance indicators?
  • Build stronger collaborations with existing partners and reach out to new partners?
  • Find, recruit and prepare families for Even Start success?
  • Delegate responsibilites to best manage the program?


Another important aspect of program quality is staff development. Ongoing staff development will ensure that program staff is connected to the best research, resources and practice in order to meet student needs in the classroom. Professional development planning for you program is a vital key to managing a quality family literacy program.

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