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Link to TX DEPCO blog can be found here.

Housed in The Education Institute within Texas State University’s Developmental Education Program in the College of Education’s department of Curriculum and Instruction, the Texas DEPCO extends from the Texas Success Initiative Professional Development program grant awarded by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

Features of the Texas DEPCO include a blog featuring short articles that focus on promising practices in Developmental Education (DE) from DE and college-readiness professionals throughout Texas. The Texas DEPCO will also house an online discussion group for DE professionals to network across institutions of higher education—a forum for conversation about current and trending issues in Texas DE as well as a medium for sharing ideas, classroom exercises and assignments, syllabi, infographs, models, and any other content that can contribute to the success of college-readiness professionals and, therefore, DE students in Texas.

Supplemented by a social media presence that includes Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, the Texas DEPCO serves to establish, build, and nourish community among Texas DE professionals by also serving as a central location for upcoming conferences, DE professional development events, and relevant scholarship, legislation, and policy.

Promising Practices in Developmental Education

The monograph publication Promising Practices in Developmental Education is devoted to the dissemination of promising practices and is dedicated to the faculty, staff, and administrators in the field of Developmental Education. The TSI PD grant was funded by The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for the purpose of providing Texas Developmental education (DE) professionals with access to high-quality professional development that is research-based and addresses state and regional needs. One of the online avenues used to share and disseminate promising practices to the field was through the Texas DEPCO blog. This monograph is a product of that online publication series and is available for viewing/downloading by clicking here.