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The Texas Adult Education Credential Project

 Adult Education Credential Project - Update

The official transfer date of the adult education and literacy program required in Senate Bill 307 was September 1.
Adult Education Credential Project - Update: Per SB 307, teacher certification is one of many areas for which the Texas Workforce Commission must develop rules to guide program implementation.  As our three Commissioners visit this topic in the rule making process we want to ensure continuity of services for credentialing efforts.  We know we must ensure our instructional workforce has the qualifications and background necessary to be effective in the classroom.
Since we will be examining teacher qualifications over the next year for possible modification we felt it best to suspend the activities of the Adult Education Credential Project and allow those in process to finish.  We value the quality work that the project has delivered and want to recognize the time that teachers have dedicated to pursuing the credential. As such, Texas State will be implementing the following actions:
  • New enrollment in the credential ended on September 1, 2013;
  • Individuals currently in process of attaining a credential who enrolled on or before September 1, 2013 may finish their work towards the credential by December 15, 2013, after which time Texas State will stop accepting course work submissions; and
  • Texas State will review submissions and award credentials before January 31, 2014.
Once the Commission makes decisions related to adult education certification qualifications we will revisit the certification/credentialing aspect of instructor qualifications.
What options are available to help me complete my Credential?
There will be no more face-to-face Credential workshops offered, however you may still access the online Reflection Writing workshop at
This online workshop will guide you through the reflection writing and upload processes. That workshop will remain available to you until December 31, 2013.
These are also many resources available on the Credential website at:
This website will be available until January 31, 2014.
How do I know if I still have an active account in the TEAL/CredITS system?
Go to: and enter your Username and Password.
If you do not remember your Username and Password, there are links at the bottom of the page to assist you in recovering those.
If you have not logged onto CredITS in 18 months, the account has been “deactivated,” and you are not eligible to complete your Credential.
Will there be a new Credential Program offered by TWC in the future?
At this time we have no information concerning whether or not a new credential program will be initiated by TWC. If you have any questions or concerns about this you may contact:
Whom can I contact for more information about completing my credential?
You may contact

The Texas Adult Education Credential Project
Successful adult education programs require skilled administrators with knowledge of adult learners, program management, and curriculum and skilled teachers who can facilitate adult learning. Through participation in the Texas Adult Education Credential Project administrators and teachers gain the knowledge and skills necessary to foster strong and successful programs.
This research brief offers the results of a study of the impact of the Texas Adult Education Teacher Credential (the Credential) on student performance as measured by the TABE® and BEST Plus™ assessments based on an analysis of three years (2010-2012) of Texas Educating Adults Management System (TEAMS) data. This initial analysis reveals three primary findings: Classes taught by teachers who have earned the Credential have significantly more students meeting required gains, as defined by the Texas State Assessment Policy, for both TABE® and BEST Plus™ assessments; classes taught by teachers who are employed full-time have significantly more students meeting required gains for both TABE® and BEST Plus™ assessments; and Credential status of adult education teachers appears to have a larger impact on student performance than does full-time paid employment status.
In Focus
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